AY-49 Video-Making Kit


It is an exclusive go-to solution for filming like worthy videos for your social media accounts. Includes a shotgun mic, a 36 LED light, tripod with hand-held capabilities & adapter mobile phone and battery is not included.

Enhance the quality of sound recording, making it sound professional. With long-lasting battery and wide compatibility with smartphones and cameras (TRRS pin), the video kit gives you crystal clear audio, video after video.

Includes a rechargeable 36 LED super-bright light with 3-level brightness control that gives you studio-quality video & photography lighting works by AA battery, versatile and portable mount. No need for umbrella, flash or ring lights.

  • Vlogging Kit enhances the video effect through better sound and lighting indoors or outdoors. It has a universal microphone that can be used on any smartphone or camera. It has 49 ultra-bright LEDs that can be used as a tripod. The tripod handle mounts the video on the tripod, and uses a smart phone adapter with built-in boots, which can not only mount a mobile phone, but also a light or microphone.
  • Detailed introduction
  • 1. Flexible Tripod
  • Filexible wrapable legs with a 360ºfull turn for all amgles
  • Made of metal and ABS
  • Use for Go pro, cameras & smartphone
  • ————————————————-
  • 2. Infinite life LED Video Light
  • Array of 49 powerful LEDs Built-in AA battery
  • Securely connects to the shoe-mount on most digital video cameras & SLRs
  • It has 3 side cold shoe mount for microphone
  • ————————————————-
  • 3. Shotgun microphone
  • Monomer: Electrostatic condenser capsule
  • Directivity: single point
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-18KHz
  • Sensitivity: -47dB±3dB
  • Adjustable range 5.5cm-8.5cm
  • Suitable for 99% mobile phone
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AY-49 Video-Making Kit
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