HiPad 10 Tablet


Using the tablets today in learning is a more integrated learning experience, and more engaging for the students, It is only with one tap of the finger, The tablets allow the students highlight text, They can take the notes in the margin and access a dictionary directly within the book itself.

Using the tablets is easy, they will change teaching organization, They will have a positive impact on learning in a number of disciplines, They offer different kinds of knowledge and resources.

Tablets are not only for students but for all. It can be used to store all kinds of information just like a laptop

X-Tigi Hipad 10 smart tablet is a high quality android 12 tablet that comes with a detachable keyboard.

The tablets are a new incentive for learning scientific skills, they are faster in drafting the reports, They are simple digital with many benefits, they have many functions as the document viewing, internet connection, the camera, video camera, and word processing.

The tablets are matching everything that a traditional book — print or digital, The tablets are thin, lightweight, they are easier to use in class than a laptop or notebook.

The tablets have longer battery life, So the students don’t have to worry about carrying a charger with them, The students can tap the lecture and reply to it in just seconds.





BATTERY: 6000mAh

SIM: Dual sim standy

DISPLAY: 10.1 inch



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HiPad 10 Tablet
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